Touched by the Sea

The immediate need I felt for you unnerved me; a desire so masochistic in essence for I knew our time was painfully limited. And who was I to own you, to hold you, to keep you? Yet my insistent longing superseded all logic.

During those times I would find solace at the shore, as the soothing, gentle waves would caress the soles of my feet, their hypnotic rhythm reminding me of the way you moved, so free and light. I would return with small offerings to please you, tiny tokens of my deeply rooted affection – a single pressed flower, a shell from the beach, a fragrance that reminded me of your musky, floral scent,strikingly exotic and deliciously animalistic.




I thought if I offered you all of me, you would stay and turn from your calling. My single wish that we remain cocooned in this illusion, but you were single minded in your choice,as if I had simply been a   dalliance, a timely distraction, a summer muse. Your departure left me ripped and torn and now I wander to the water’s edge and welcome the ocean. I wade into the waves and allow their violent pummelling against my body, offering me some feeble form of relief.





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