There’s only you

The hours we have spent together exploring this other world, is the life I have now chosen to lead, both in and out of the sanctuary we have created. It has become a way of being that has permeated my every thought and action, and so I have become a slave to what I always knew was inside me but for so many years shied away from.



Your potency is addictive, your fervent nature intoxicating and now, almost against my will, can I only be yours.

As I open the door to you, the unique scent that I have become so familiar with pervades my senses. A combination of fragrances that are exquisite; smoky tobacco infused with exotic incense, sensual amber and just a hint of leather create a velvety perfume that always adds to the seductive qualities of our evenings.

You smile, affirming your pleasure that I have carried out your instructions to the last minutiae and been so very careful to choose the garments and adornments that please you. In return you bring your own offering – in one hand blood red roses, their colour a reminder of what lies ahead, and in the other your personal preference; a freshly cut bamboo cane.

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