The Season of Change


Day after day the seasons provide a sensory experience and I note the almost imperceptible changes as gradually winter transforms to spring. The heightened warmth of the sun encourages the flowers to begin their bloom, as life is teased from its cold sanctuary.

These are the times I cherish, as the sun pricks my skin and the hazy vista stretches out ahead of me, I can drift and daydream. I run my hands through the foliage that adorns the path and pluck a perfectly formed flower so delicate in detail. The dark green leaves and white petals juxtapose creating an elegant offering. Its scent sweet and vibrant, aromatic and fresh that induces an olfactory memory of you that borders on sensual hedonism. You’ve always worn the same fragrance that I recognise no matter how long we are apart. Even its name, Naked Neroli, like you, is suggestively alluring and enticing.


The sun begins its descent on the horizon and the shadows on the ground tell me it’s time to turn back, I wonder how my life would have evolved if I’d lacked the courage to become a true creator. If I had simply let it push and pull me wherever it wanted to. I inhale the cool air and exhale quiet contentment and turning the last corner, see you standing at the door, smiling.




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