The Perfect Embrace

Light hearted in essence and possibly fleeting in nature, I look back and realise it was this day that would change everything that was known. I was about to step into a new dimension and welcome in, as yet, undiscovered experiences.


Even then your persuasive power over me was evident. The decision made, the nervous excitement infused my cells and as the afternoon leaned into the darkness of the evening, the sensation became more and more palpable.


I took my time, slowly choosing the outfit to wear, elegant but inviting. Making my way to the place we had chosen to meet I walked past you in the street and for an instant, our eyes met. It took me aback, but uncertain of definite recognition I carried on. A few paces ahead I turned around to see if it had been you and if indeed you were following, only to be perplexed that you were nowhere to be seen. I continued, and settled myself at an advantageous position in the venue able to watch the door. Moments passed, my heart beating hard and then in you walked.


As we embraced for the first time I breathed in your essence, a scent I have never before nor ever since have known. The fragrance synonymous with who you are, heady, all-consuming and magnetic. A scent I can never eradicate from memory, nor relate to another person. It is infinitely and forever yours. The sensation I felt from that first touch coursed through my being and I knew in an instant..

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