Nature’s Bounty

You were the one who opened me to this gift of peaceful harmony I now embrace as my daily life. I had thought I was content, leading a regulated existence dictated by societies ideal of norm. But during those hours of conversation you had awakened me to other possibilities.

I had expanded my imagination to welcome the unknown and removed myself from the stifling discomfort of routine. And with both fear and excitement I began my pursuit of the creativity I had long held.

It was a journey I took, not knowing the destination nor the experiences that would be brought forth, but with the staunch belief I would receive all that I needed. Looking back the path is so clear, as I comprehend how each individual forward momentum has played an integral part. For it has brought me closer to this sense of utopia. Even the hardships have been welcomed, for the plentitude of rewards that have been bestowed upon me have far exceeded my expectations.


And so I find myself here, embraced by nature’s bounty knowing I will never replace it with man-made confinement. The beauty is too exquisite to pass over. My senses are enlivened and my emotions heightened. It has become a part of me, or me a part of it. Each day I feel myself renewing as I absorb the colours, sounds, sights and smells that surround me.



The seasons enchant me with their individual offerings; the scent of vibrant orange blossom in the Spring as the delicate white flowers exude their intoxicating fragrance. Summer and the heavy sweet aromas of jasmine, honeysuckle and rose merge with the days heat. Autumn has become synonymous with cedar wood, the musky pungency filling the air, and winter is cool, smoky and laden with incense, nutmeg and clove.

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