It’s All About You

This is how you saw me, though I never knew it at the time. It was only years later you would explain it was your desire to fully understand me that had changed the trajectory of your entire life. Your confession was surprising and intriguing and I had pressed you to explain further. You were quiet for a time, contemplative and when you spoke again, thoughtful with your words.

Your eyes shone with a passion for your life’s work as you continued, “I’ve dedicated myself to discovering the ultimate perfumed elixir. Imagine having the sensory world at your fingertips, the limitless combinations and each one creates a totally unique effect. It’s a never- ending quest because just one more drop of fresh and lively bergamot or two more drops of heady and sensual rose alters the aroma entirely. And there are so many wondrous botanical scents to play with – sweet patchouli, exotic amber, mellow sandalwood and fragrant incense that culminate in a gorgeous floral accord, or spicy black pepper, warm lavender, flowery jasmine and sensual musk that create a deliciously smoky scent….” You trailed off, your internal thoughts drifting to a place I couldn’t follow, but when you turned your gaze back to me I could once again see the clarity in your eyes.


Your statement hung in the air between us, the explanation uplifting me, giving me a new perspective. A parting gift so liberating because finally, I understood; to possess a dichotomous nature is not a hindrance but in fact a thing of beauty.

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