I’m Intrigued By You

I can feel the tempo of my heartbeat increasing, can perceive my olfactory nerves expanding and my pupils dilating. But most of all you bombard my mind, as one neuron flows to another across my brain synapses, creating a single thought; pure admiration.


During our former years you were all kinds of temptation. I felt you solely held the lit fuse and that I would forever be ready to burn, to ignite. But with the passing of time and mellowing of feelings I now embrace a deeper level of complete comfort. Because only with you can I be my true self, a gift you have so graciously bestowed upon me and for which I will be continually thankful.



You have taught me hallowed empathy. The chance to look within myself and eradicate my ego that for so many years hijacked my decisions. A selfishness we are all born with, but must banish to reach a higher level of being.

To declare you have changed me for the better, inspired me to push my once tethered boundaries and welcome the expansiveness I now know is possible, is the gift I give in return. And so there is no better word I can aptly betroth upon you than H.E.R.



The powerful, stripped back simplicity of these three letters are an homage to your complexity, your beauty, your strength. Over time I know my reverence for you will only increase as we witness our conjoined emotional development.

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