Enjoy The Little Things

Embracing the small pleasures has always been integral to my life, though it has taken many years to allow myself to stop and appreciate the moments in-between the grey that is neither black nor white, simple nor complicated, illicit nor pure.


I take my time, familiar with this ritual, knowing the gratification it will give. The unwrapping of the fine, crisp paper, unearthing this treasure of traditional craftsmanship.

The weight in my hand is reassuring as one by one I use the items I need to buff and polish, teasing the material into a glossy shine.

Satisfied with my work and pleased with the balanced pieces of adornment I have chosen, I step out into the cool dusk. I note the hues of the season match my choice of footwear and I smile at the thought that this old,personal custom will soon bemarried to a new experience, the communion of which will be sharewith you.

The sound of leaves and natures offerings underfoot are enhanced by the fragrance I’ve chosen to wear that offers hints of woody labdanum, delicate sandalwood and spicy patchouli, all gently warmed by delectable notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove.The richhint of aromatic honeyleading to a musky crescendo– the perfect perfume for this misty, mellow Autumn evening.

Walking to our meeting place, my thoughts turn to the words I intend to use to ask you a question I have never uttered before. And before you see me, I see you, and as is always the case am struck by your natural exquisiteness, for there is no better word I can conjure to describe you.

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