Embracing The Experience

Four years of meticulous planning though essential, had been arduous at times. Our mutual passion for design was the initial catalyst that brought us together and as the months passed, our relationship had developed and deepened to form an unbreakable trust.

We discovered our approach to life was mirrored in the other and so it had simply felt like a natural progression to develop this project with you. To capture and combine the elements we most revered, integrating our feminine and masculine perspectives into a unified expression of who we were.




We had even agreed it could not just be about aesthetics. Yes, it was to be an elegant sanctuary, perfectly balanced in its production, invoking a sense of timeless and enduring quality, but there was also a level of ergonomic practicality that was required. Not exactly function over form, that would have been too austere and clinical, but it certainly needed to seamlessly fit in with and enhance our lifestyles.




Thinking back now, I remember the process we developed, selecting shapes and colours, textures and images, all of which helped harness the essence of what we wanted to achieve. But it was the evenings we would spend together that linger with me. My greatest pleasure became the excitement you felt when we pushed the exploration of design. You told me your vision was to induce a sensory reaction, from touch, to sight, to sound, to smell – this was what drove you forward.


In those moments you showed me a different way of seeing, of experiencing, and as I watched your craftsmanship unfold, I fell for your admirable qualities – independence, confidence, expressive sensuality.
Qualities you have woven into our future lives. And for that, I’ll always be eternally grateful.”


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