Creative Balance

Discovering the unknown to form memories that make up the tapestry of my life has been a need that never leaves. Always in the days before I depart I sense the anticipation increasing, the planning of my journey filling me with excitement. I wonder who I may meet as I glimpse into the lives of others, the conversations to be had, the shared, fleeting moments to be experienced, embarking on this solo travel.


Stepping from the plane being bathed in hot sunshine makes my heart sing. Finally after months of imagining this, it has become a reality; I am here. After a year of living a solitarily existence, moving through the crowds and finding my way into the city is exhilarating. The pace and activity feel wonderfully stimulating, as my senses are bombarded with fresh sounds and sights. Everywhere I look there is a different vista to behold.


The hint of aromatics blend with fresh rose, jasmine and mandarin that overwhelm my olfactory sense. I close my eyes and allow the moment to wash over me unable to contain my smile. The elation almost too much, for this is my new home. And I am ready to welcome all that is being offered.


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