An Emotive Journey

The parameters I set myself are always the same. The solitude I seek a necessary need in order to fully embrace the creative process. I allow myself this private time, away from everyone I hold dear in order to evolve. My senses alter, heightened by the lack of distraction as I feel every cell in my body calm. I still my mind, enabling the emotional balance to gently take hold. At last I am focused.

The subliminal and dormant expressions that are all too often elusive. An emotive journey that unfolds, moment by moment, culminating in indescribable, harmonious bliss.


This is the place I am most free. Neither tethered by thought nor action but simply being. My breath slows, the inhalation barely registering, the exhalation comfortingly rhythmic. The sensation that manifests is so difficult to describe and always fleeting, but leaves me with an undoubting knowledge that I am connected to every single thing. There is no difference between you and I, for you are me and I am you. There are only pure emotions that are beautiful by which I am engulfed.


I cannot determine for how long I am in this moment, but as always occurs I begin to slip away from it, only able to glimpse and feel it momentarily. My senses reawaken as the pull of time returns and as I do, I inhale a scent. So fragrant. So familiar.




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