Who’s Herba


A property consultant by profession, Peter has been fortunate to spend his time frequenting some of London’s most prestigious homes, where he has gathered inspiration from Architects and Interior Designers who share his love for traditional craftmanship. With his creative thirst ignited, he further immersed himself in the worlds of contemporary art, gentleman’s fashion, minimalist design and the craft of making natural skincare and beauty products.

A chance meeting with an industry veteran in 2010, resulted in the idea of creating fragrances using essential oils combined with other natural ingredients. Peter attended courses and met with independent perfumers whilst embarking on his self-taught journey, which simply intensified his desire to develop handcrafted perfumes, using only the finest of ingredients. The result is simple, uniquely sophisticated and chic fragrances, representative of the diverse nature of the city he knows and loves.


Being an alchemist at heart, Peter’s most loved fragrance is a marriage of 2 parts G.E.M. 87 and 1 part Naked Neroli – this combination, worn all year round, creates long-lasting smoky, citrusy and sweet aromas and gives the individual a truly unique experience.

Urban Hipster is an aroma with presence; a fragrance that will be noticed; a fragrance with the ability to generate remarks from those fortunate enough to be invaded by its personality.

Love and hate go hand in hand with Ambre; this addictive scent starts on a medicinal note, but dries-down to a luxuriously rich, woody and sweet aroma. A scent for the individual who dances with duality.

Thanks to the diverse range of Herba’s 8 carefully crafted fragrances – you; the self-styled ‘Herbaista’ will decide which fragrance best compliments your mood.